Melcare™ Manuka Wound Gel™

Melcare™ Manuka Wound Gel™

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Available in 30g tube.

Melcare™ Manuka Wound Gel™ is the primary dressing of choice for wound bed cleaning and protection. Providing the right micro environment for the wound bed removes barriers to healing and stimulates the healing process

The low pH and high osmotic potential also helps protect the wound from contamination and colonisation by bacteria. It also rapidly deodorises wounds to help protect them from fly strike.

Manuka Wound Gel™ is made from Leptospermum sp. honey (80%), contains natural oils to protect wound margins and seaweed derived hydrocolloids to enhance honey’s properties as a wound dressing. The medical honey used is minimally heat treated to preserve its natural properties and irradiated to destroy bacterial spores.

1. Inspect and clean the wound using standard techniques.
2. Open by reversing cap and twisting off top.
3. Manuka Wound Gel™ should be applied liberally (e.g. for a 10cm x 10cm wound apply 20-25g of Manuka Wound Gel).
4. Manuka Wound Gel™ can be applied either directly to the wound or to a suitable dressing.
5. Avoid direct contact with the nozzle of the tube.
6. A non-adherent gauze should be applied to cover the Manuka Wound Gel™ with additional secondary dressings applied as required for absorbance of wound exudate.
7. Wound margins can be protected by a suitable barrier cream (Melcare's Derma Care™)
8. The frequency of changing will depend on the clinical circumstances and this can vary from more than once per day for draining wounds to up to 7 days for unsoiled dressings.
9. Manuka Wound Gel™ can be removed from the wound by rinsing with clean saline or tap water at dressing change.

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