Sustenhance® Mol-icious

Sustenhance® Mol-icious

  • $20.00

Mol-icious is based on pure spray dried molasses and acts to attract ruminants and equines to feed. It provides immediate energy and is fortified with minerals.

Available in 2kg.


Thoroughly mix into feed:

  • Dairy Cattle 200 g/day
  • Beef Cattle 350 g/day
  • Sheep and Goats 100 g/day
  • Horses 100g/day


  • Mol-icious is hygroscopic and will absorb moisture
  • Always use dry utensils
  • Keep container tightly closed in cool dry place


  • 100% natural
  • An immediate energy source
  • Comes in a powder form
  • Contains an immediate source of energy
  • Half the use rate of liquid molasses
  • Easy to store, transport and handle
  • Enriched with micro and macro minerals
  • Assists with the administration of oral medications

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