Hugo's Ice Creamery Frozen Dog Treats

  • $5.00


Available in Peanut Butter & Bacon, Carob and Strawberry.

With most dogs being lactose intolerant, Hugo's ice cream had to be dairy-free. To do this, they have used coconut milk which is great for your dog’s health – some even call it a super-food. It was also important that their ice cream wasn’t full of sugar & artificial colours and flavours; they wanted to create something as healthy as it was delicious. To do this, they substituted sugar with organic agave nectar, and use real ingredients to flavour their treats.

To create their delicious peanut butter & bacon flavour, you’ll never guess what they have added – real peanut butter & crispy coconut bacon. It’s no secret why dogs love PB+B! Hugo's carob ice cream contains pure carob powder & their strawberry ice cream contains strawberries, strawberry extract & natural colouring.

All ingredients are 100% natural & 100% delicious and approved by a pet nutritionist.

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