Ozpet™ All Natural Cat & Pet Litter

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Available in 2kg and 15kg.
Oz-Pet™ Litter is manufactured from waste plantation timber, is 100% bio-degradable with no added chemicals. It is the ultimate anti microbial litter that will stop the strong pee pong in your litter tray by eliminating rather than masking the smell of ammonia. The eucalyptus oil in the wood pellets will stop the bacteria growing that causes the smell of ammonia in other types of litter. Oz-Pet™ Litter is garden friendly, safe with no added chemicals, economical with its great absorbency and is recyclable, meaning it can be composted or used as mulch. 

It isn't only for cats! Oz-Pet™ Litter is also suitable for birds, reptiles, mice, rats and guinea pigs. Pour Oz-Pet™ into a clean empty litter tray to a depth of 2.5cm. Scoop out solids daily. 
NOTE: As the product absorbs odour causing liquids, the depth of the litter increases. Change the litter on a regular basis. 

  • Manufactured from waste plantation timber
  • Long lasting odour control
  • Garden friendly - 100% bi-degradable
  • Made in Australia
  • Suitable for a range of pets including cats, rabbits, reptiles and rats

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